Have an Upcoming Home Appraisal? Here’s What Your Appraiser Wants You to Know

Have an Upcoming Home Appraisal? Here’s What Your Appraiser Wants You to Know

A home appraisal is a key part of many home sales, but many sellers make the process harder than it needs to be because they don’t know how to navigate the process, and their lack of knowledge can be frustrating to home appraisers.


So, if it was up to appraisers, what advice would they give sellers on how to prepare for an appraisal?


A recent article from realtor.com outlined the top things appraisers wish sellers knew before getting their home appraised, including:


  • Prep your space before the appraisal… The appraiser isn’t there to judge how clean and/or orderly your home is. That being said, if you want your home to appraise for the highest possible value, you want to show it in its best light, so a thorough deep cleaning and decluttering prior to the appraisal is always a good idea.


  • …and the people who live in the home. Just like you prep the space, it’s also important to prepare any occupants of the home for an upcoming appraisal, like teenagers or tenants. That way, people are aware that there will be an appraiser walking through the home, and they can make sure they’re properly clothed or put off taking a shower until the appraiser is done with his or her inspection.


  • Get your paperwork in order. Your appraiser will want to see any and all paperwork related to your home. And so, if you want the process to be as smooth and quick as possible, get that paperwork in order ahead of time. Collect any relevant paperwork (including a list of any major improvements; information about the condition and age of the roof, major appliances, and HVAC system; and original permits for any DIY work) and send it to the appraiser ahead of time. Having all of that information will help them more accurately appraise your home, and will make the process significantly easier for you both.

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