Incorporate the “Slow Decor” Design Trend with These Tips

Incorporate the “Slow Decor” Design Trend with These Tips

“Slow decor” is a laid-back design approach that’s all over Instagram, and is poised to be a major trend in 2024.

But how do you “go slow” with your own decor and capture the comfortable, laid-back, lived-in vibe in your own home?

A recent article from outlined ways to embrace the slow decor trend, including:


  • Put comfort first. One of the foundational elements of slow decor is creating cozy, comfortable spaces. To recreate this look in your own home, incorporate cozy accents (like knit throw blankets and fuzzy pillows) throughout each room.
  • Embrace mood lighting. Another element of creating a cozy, comfortable space is lighting. To create a slow decor-friendly ambiance in your home, incorporate plenty of soft lighting to set the mood, including candles and warm bulbs.
  • Opt for vintage pieces over brand new. While there’s nothing wrong with outfitting your home with new items, if you want to capture the slow decor look, opt for vintage or thrifted pieces, which have a more cozy, lived-in quality.


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