Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Have a Healthier 2024? Consider These Healthy Home Upgrades

Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Have a Healthier 2024? Consider These Healthy Home Upgrades

New Year’s is right around the corner. With the new year comes the opportunity to make the changes you want to make to be your happiest, healthiest self, and that includes changes in your home.

But what home improvements can you make in early 2024 that will actually contribute to better health and well-being?


A recent article from outlined healthy home upgrades homeowners should consider making in the new year, including:

  • Installing quartz or marble countertops. Quartz and marble countertops don’t just look sleek in the kitchen, these countertop materials also have antimicrobial properties that inhibit bacteria and viruses from growing on their surfaces, which can help keep you and your family from getting sick.
  • Installing full-spectrum light bulbs. Do you or one of your family members struggle with seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD? If so, consider swapping out your current lighting for full-spectrum bulbs. These lightbulbs, which are brighter than standard bulbs, mimic sunlight, and can help people with SAD during the dark, gray winter months.
  • Installing an air purifier. As the name suggests, air purifiers filter out impurities from the air, and can make a huge difference for people with allergies, sinus, or respiratory issues. If you struggle with any of these, consider installing an air purifier to ensure you’re breathing clean air, and not air that’s triggering any allergy, sinus, or respiratory symptoms.

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